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Africa Most Popular Hair --- Fumi Hair

Nowadays, Fumi hair is more and more popular, Especially in Africa country. For Fumi Hair, there are different style different grade for it .And Fumi hair is a little expensive.



The way for taking care fumi hair is also important.. There are some tips for taking care of fumi hair. Hope it is useful for you.

Hair washing tips

1. put shampoo into warm water in a basion 

2. put your worn hair (which need to be washed ) into warm water.

3. rub and wash gently by hand or with comb in a sloping downward direction.

4. Rinse the hair with clean water.  You can comb with your fingers or combs in a downward direction any way you like when the hairs are in water, but dont comb once the hairs are out of water. After several times rinsing, the hairs get totally clean.

5. squeeze the hair by hand gently or absorb the water with one piece of clean towel.   

6. pinch the hair root with your two hands, then shake the hangling hair gently to get the curls back .

7. lay the hairs on a clearn towel or hang them to dry naturally. the curls will get back after drying. 

8. dont comb with small brush, use the brush with roomy teeth.


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